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Someone Should kick Michael Arrington’s Arrogant Ass

Michael Arrington

A month ago, April, 27, 2011, Michael Arrington posted “An Update To My Investment Policy”, which not surprisingly generated negative reaction from established journalists. I wanted to respond right away, but I’ve been too busy at Betanews, where new editorial responsibilities add to writing.

The issue is a long-standing one of debate regarding TechCrunch’s founder—that he invests in, or has other business dealings with, some of the companies he writes about.

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What the Hell is Sarah Lacy Thinking?

Sarah Lacy

There’s a proposition on the California November ballot to legalize marijuana. Sarah Lacy must be smoking some already. Her TechCrunch post “Now that the Recession Officially Ended….Whatever Happened to that Other Shoe?" is so out of touch with reality—what else could it be? That:

  • Sarah is so much the rich bitch living inside the Silicon Valley bubble she is clueless about the real America?
  • To pay for this month’s pedicure, she needs to write something outrageous to drive up TechCrunch pageviews?
  • She’s so poor a journalist—really none at all—she cobbles together unsourced data and uses it in the narrowest of contexts?
  • Fox’s “Fringe" isn’t just TV it’s reality, and the Sarah writing this clueless post lives in an alternate universe where there is no economic crisis?

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The iPhone 4 antenna issue is a scar on a beautiful woman. You don’t break up with the woman because of it, you work around it because of her other attributes. She might even put on some coverup (the Bumper) so you don’t even notice it. And some may not even notice it at all. Windows Vista is Kathy Bates in Misery.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler, responding to Microsoft CFO Kevin Turner’s outrageous statement comparing iPhone 4 to Windows Vista.

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TechCrunch and Woot play to AP’s Weakness

Some people—heck, some organizations—have no sense of humor. Humorless perhaps best describes Associated Press, which apparently didn’t get Woot’s joke about owing money for a blog excerpt. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler put AP in its place today, that’s assuming there isn’t yet a nasty takedown-notice response coming.

Some quick background: About two years ago, AP decided that no one should excerpt its content without paying for it. The policy defies decades of journalist practices and fair-use laws. I could understand AP going after blocks of text, but no, it’s the little excerpts, too. Excerpt up to 50 words and AP expects you to pay $17.50; 100 bucks for 251 words or more. The approach is controversial, as it should be.

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